You should be a feminist too

Tie your wrapper if you want to
Women traditionally had been considered as inferior to men physically and intellectually. Law and theology have at one point or the other supported these claims, law has however evolved over time and has become more accommodating to women, while theology has a stiff nature and is not known for evolving, it’s laws remains never changing. Women in past times could not possess property in their own names or engage in business, which is still practiced in less developed nations.

Nigeria till date is a predominantly patriarchal society, it’s very culture and society is oppressive to women, there is nothing in our culture to guarantee kindness to women. It’s not uncommon to hear much of the roles ascribed to women by society, for example learn to cook, raise the children, please the husband, remain submissive and maintain the peace. As a fact Nigerian girls are educated from childhood to become perfect wives, education might as well just be a plus to your CV. An educated cook to grace your bed and instrument of pleasure. She’s to play the supportive role and encourage your dreams, she in fact spends her life evolving and sacrificing to please men and the society while her own decisions and opinions take the back seat.

It is not easy to understand the plight of women in Nigeria and many do not in fact see anything wrong with this, this is also the reason women often turn to religion to pray instead of actualizing the capacity already embedded in them to improve society, men on the other hand have become cynical and assume that to feed, clothe and provide for their women is adequate enough, they say things like “she’s better off than most women her age, she’s well taken care of” these statements I regard as bullshit as women are human beings and not possessions to be nurtured like your pet dog or goat. I believe it’s innate in man to have a sense of importance, to want to place his or her mark on the world, its not exclusive to men to have dreams of changing the world and fighting oppression. Humans should always strive to become conscious of who we are and identify the ills we want to correct. We should understand that women too have the ability to dream, we all deserve equal chances to participate in life, the sex you are born as should not limit you.

Not so shockingly this lack of apathy for females have been embedded into the TTG system, even justifying women submission to your husband with bible scriptures (I do know it’s in the bible) however I believe the bible is also subjective to our interpretation, an all encompassing, loving God surely loves all his children equally? Wouldn’t you give your children equal fighting chances. Women also have become accustomed to this method of thinking and seek no higher calling or decisions, it’s shocking how many educated women actually have no interest in practicing their fields but instead will safely picture themselves raising a family, living a life of submission, being a good wife and dying with their sacrifices. It’s necessary however to raise your children well, I just don’t believe it’s only embedded in the genes of the women, men contribute in making babies, learn to take care of them, they’re many successful people raised by single fathers and lastly its also not exclusively in the woman DNA to clean, do the laundry and cook, grab a pot and learn, or die of hunger it can’t be harder than your years of education. Back to the TTG sector, I don’t know what they said today but from last weeks class, I was willing to correct the preacher (only in my head though) on the little I heard

1) Do not be deceived by her makeup and what not:
Since it has become acceptable in church to point out some women are very ugly and you should wash their faces first (this is offensive), I also find it necessary to point out that we equally have as many uglier men. “No man is ugly” is a popular African aphorism widely injected into our culture, as long as he can take care of you, he’s fine, I believe an ugly heart is also displeasing, even more so an empty head. However all hope is not lost as women are beautiful and education is power and power an aphrodisiac. So in all your getting get wisdom.

2) The myth of the man who makes a lot of money
This particularly gets on my nerves, the story is about the man who you reject years ago because of his wretched state and then magically years later he’s a millionaire standing by a Bugatti and the woman ends up rolling in sand and biting her fingers in regret “if only I loved in his wretchedness like that”. This is like the largest bowl of crap ever and I wonder why the woman didn’t try to make her own future and gather her own riches. Don’t wait for some one to offer you the world build your own. The success of the man is never truly yours anyway, make your own decisions.

I cant really remember the rest the meeting was last week. Lastly still on appearances tie your wrapper if you want to, men have nastier habits people don’t easily forget to fuss about. Develop yourself and embrace the world with that fire only women can possess. You are beautiful!

P.S I stand to be corrected, did not read through, so feel free to make corrections and comment.


Citizens of the second embarkment

This is a salutation to the brave men and women who do not go early enough to find seats or are less connected in the hierarchical seat scheme, it’s okay too if you just like to sit at the back. May you come first in life’s more important endeavors, I however find empty words displeasing and also find it hard to consider the jargon in the previous salutation as literature, not sure if it was a criticism or appraisal. I however believe True literature should be didactic as opposed to serving an oppressive system, as true literature should tear up the script of what we think humanity to be. It should transcend the limitations we impose on the possibilities of being human, literature seeks to liberate. I have no reservations as against the TTG system but I’m bored and sick as hell, thus this medium to channel my grievances and frustrations.
The previous salutation is particularly disturbing as it shows that five years could leave you no wiser, because someone troubled/ignorant enough to classify people based on sitting structures is obviously not wise enough to govern our sick nation, the funny thing is that many see nothing wrong in this; we feel justified to criticize Europeans for classifying us on skin color yet we judge our brothers on where they sit. I appeal to this young writer to look around as Nigeria has many more pressing problems.
I guess I’ve ranted enough therefore I encourage us all to have new dreams, feasible dreams and to never limit ourselves. America did not get to where it is now by emphasizing their differences but by celebrating diversities. God help us all.
P.S I’m just airing my view