Citizens of the second embarkment

This is a salutation to the brave men and women who do not go early enough to find seats or are less connected in the hierarchical seat scheme, it’s okay too if you just like to sit at the back. May you come first in life’s more important endeavors, I however find empty words displeasing and also find it hard to consider the jargon in the previous salutation as literature, not sure if it was a criticism or appraisal. I however believe True literature should be didactic as opposed to serving an oppressive system, as true literature should tear up the script of what we think humanity to be. It should transcend the limitations we impose on the possibilities of being human, literature seeks to liberate. I have no reservations as against the TTG system but I’m bored and sick as hell, thus this medium to channel my grievances and frustrations.
The previous salutation is particularly disturbing as it shows that five years could leave you no wiser, because someone troubled/ignorant enough to classify people based on sitting structures is obviously not wise enough to govern our sick nation, the funny thing is that many see nothing wrong in this; we feel justified to criticize Europeans for classifying us on skin color yet we judge our brothers on where they sit. I appeal to this young writer to look around as Nigeria has many more pressing problems.
I guess I’ve ranted enough therefore I encourage us all to have new dreams, feasible dreams and to never limit ourselves. America did not get to where it is now by emphasizing their differences but by celebrating diversities. God help us all.
P.S I’m just airing my view


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