A way to love God?

Les miserables
Already bored because I don’t know how to use WordPress. Well, today while watching les miserables which always leaves me with new lessons and inspired by Mr Fadugba’s speech about freedom of speech. I got to thinking about the Nigerian variation of Christianity, I think this would make even the founders of Christianity cringe. At the moment the C.U Christianity precepts are so exclusive, you have to stop and think of what is the essence of it all, is Christianity about acceptance? is it prosperity, selfishness, riches and salvation? or would you rather accept everyone as Gods children and try to save others from wickedness. I really even doubt there’s something in the black man’s skin that makes him so vile and wicked, the juju and stuff against people who have done you no wrong, I refuse to believe the Nigerian character just happens to have this wickedness in their DNA. Would we stop to consider that it could be as a result of other factors like, ignorance, poverty and illiteracy. I doubt a man would want to sit all day in a shrine cutting himself with unsterilized knives and drinking goat blood, If he had the basic necessities of life and knew better. We should as future leaders of Nigeria try to think outside the box instead of praying for judgement against our entire people. Learn from the priests kindness to Jean ValJean, it required such a level of trust and faith in a man perceived by society as a good for nothing, we can learn a lot from him.

We are also often asked to skip religiousity and love God. Is there more than one way to love God? I always ask myself, like we should return all the praise to God, no doubt, but the preacher even fails to define the boundaries of religiousity. Nigerians do feel justified to pay tithes in millions to churches, but how many literates are there in their villages? Would you rather use the money to provide clean water for the children there. What is religiousity?