Whose God?

In between her parents extremism and the carefree attitude of her friends, she didn’t know where to place God, God to her had always been an enigma, her father referred to Him as the president of the world who commanded obeisance and demanded respect. Her Father would scold her when she forgot to pray before eating and would flog her with the long thin whip, at the same time screaming for God to have mercy on her, he swelled with rage whenever she missed the church services and made sure she said her prayers before bed. Mother on the other hand told her God was like her earthly father with much more love, she didn’t like the idea of another papa, he scared her, she wanted a father like Funmi’s who she could jump on when he came to pick her after school and whine to when she was unhappy. Her mother told her God cared about her every problem and wanted to share each moment of her life with her, she wondered if this was true. She craved a God who could be her friend and who will truly care, but that was until her mother scolded her after Funmi’s party, telling her about God the consuming fire for whom the wages of sin was death.God terrified her, His many changing natures, so she placed her bible under her pillow but never opened it, she was therefore protected against the many pestilence that worketh in noonday which father always prayed about, but she had no desire to know their God.


2 thoughts on “Whose God?

  1. OMG! Your blogposts are just mind blowing! I love you. I mean your writing. Am subcribing, following, liking, sharing, whatever it’ll take me to keep reading these words. To your future stories/essays/write-ups!

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