8 Tips for Overcoming Post-graduation Depression

From the depths of my vast emptiness and search for purpose, I’ve attempted to gather tips that can hopefully ease the transition process from graduation to whatever (NYSC, Masters etc.). Some recent graduates may have already been initiated into the work world, whatever path you choose, its best learn to live life a day at a time. PGD is usual feeling hopeless and irrelevant because of being tossed in a new environment. The cure is simple “become relevant”

1) Graduate: In a matter of stating the obvious, the first symptom of having PGD is a recent graduation. So in order to contact this illness, you first must attend those boring classes, turn the pages of those arid lecture notes and well, do what you do best to wear that cap.

2) Get a new playlist: You know that playlist with a lot of tracks off the magna carter and born sinner album you used to rap all night with friends. It’s time to move on. Download new ones; get new soundtracks to your life. Stop meditating on those nights you stayed up singing the tracks of Les Miserables or The Great Gatsby, tear your yellow dress and move on.

3) Find a hobby: no need to roll on your bed gathering moss. You’re just in time to discover those talents besides tweeting and eating. There are myriad of options you could choose from, my favourite include; playing tennis on weekends, write volumes of poetry, read large books, buy a camera and travel the world. You’re young and great people have hobbies.

4) Become cultured: In primary school we were thought culture is a way of life.

Question: How cultured are you?
Solution: Sophistication is worldliness. Read literature, find your favourite getaway in a book, memorize poetry, google art, test your culinary skill, appreciate nature, and learn about somnambulists from Soyinka. Get familiar with authors like Michael Ondaatje, Vladimir Nabokov, Toni Morrison and Arundhati Roy. No need to even go far, look to African literature, talk about the famished road in your soul like Ben Okri, the thing around your neck like Chimamanda. You’re a deep artistic soul, analyse the art of Yinka Shonibare, and sing along with Nina Simone.
Learn quotes from your favourite books, then when asked what your favourite book is reply with something like “so we beat on, boats against the currents, borne back ceaselessly into the past”
If none of the above rings a bell, time to get busy with Google.

5) Visit that saloon/clothes store: I’m usually an advocate of you can’t buy happiness, perhaps you can’t but happiness but confidence isn’t as expensive, look good, it brings higher self-esteem. Grow that beard, Get those extensions. Grow dreadlocks. Do whatever makes you happy.

6) talk sophisticated: Now you’ve read poetry, it’s time to show the world you’re skilled in self-expression. You’re artistic. Quote Teju Cole in the middle of a conversation, create your own small fates. You’re beautiful and strong. You’re dark and poetic. You have scars, broken just like Bolanle in the secret lives of Baba Segi’s wives. Whatever artistic personality you chose, show the world you’re not empty. You’re getting too old to be simply the pervert with a taste for all things vile; you’re now the sophisticated pervert.

7) Stay Healthy: Stay fit, this can battle depression, what better times to grow those abs, visit the gym, find that pool, walk the dog, do yoga, eat healthy. Do not be that slob

8) Step outside: leave your zone for a while, breathe air, capture photos go hiking with friends. Heck make some new friends, networking is healthy. Connect with the right and wrong people, they all have advantages. Stay open, thrill them with tales of your new found sophistication. Make sure they can’t forget you.

I’m just a kindred spirit fighting away the demons of depression. If this doesn’t work kindly visit http://www.depressioncanbefun.com/


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