Fathers Misery

You’ve heard too much from mother and that her demented child. No one ever stops to ask what is going on with Father. You’re blinded by your own selfish desire to be the hero. You’re too quick to play providence and appoint fates. Look at Cinderella. Cinderella is beautiful and ill-treated she can do no wrong, no one notices her thirst for murder, i wish you witnessed her macabre revenge plots with her animal friends, they were humming tales of death, I couldn’t sleep. Her stepmother saw this but why would you. Why would Cinderella be evil? lets turn on her step sister, her name escapes me, the one in the green dress, green like her envy of beautiful Cinderella , oh look at her how big her skirt is, so much fabric, how greedy. We do not consider she’s gathering insecurity beneath her skin, cladding it closely to her skin. She will never be pretty like Cinderella, providence has chosen. She is the villain.
This is however not a pity story, neither can it justify the blackness that seeps from my insides. Hitting my wife was a terrible thing to do, I shed tears into my beer


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