You felt the muscles all over your body ease as you lay down on the leather coach in the therapist’s office

Miss Dolapo. She wore her hair low today. Maybe it was a wig. Maybe a weave. She always scribbled incessantly

Even during your first session. You returned from the hospital a week ago.

Clutched your right hand, felt the bandage over your wrist

Miss Dolapo introduced herself and asked light questions

For your file she said

Eye colour, height, and blood group. She wouldn’t ask of gender. You were 16, it was year 2311. Teenagers were not keen on choosing gender too early in life.

She asked you to talk about yourself

Five minutes of silence

You didn’t

You talked about Jessica

How she had this personality. This awesome personality. It was a gift. How you couldn’t live without her.

She asked who was Jessica.

You were offended. Jessica was a drowning angel. You had to try to save her with every last nerve. She had to live, she had to survive.

Or you would die with her

You apologized for not speaking about yourself

But Jessica gave your life meaning.

Your therapist didn’t mind

She was very interested in Jessica

She asked if Jessica was having any troubles.

Jessica couldn’t have troubles you tried to explain

Angels don’t drown

The world is drowning


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