God Myth

“You’re sure there’s nothing we can do to turn this around” the priest half stammered tugging at his collar.


500 years after the youth revolution, religion had peaked. The most powerful man in the world was found pacing his much too expensive office. Beads of sweat scattered on his forehead as he turned to his must trusted adviser.


“The issue escalated much too quickly” the adviser spoke slowly. Carefully.  “We’re dealing with a possible psychopath”

“A madman ignorant of life’s basic truth; who doesn’t realize that humans need purpose”


“A mad man about to destroy the world” the priest screamed, “we could as well have ended the world with our generation, these kids will destroy everything. Every damn thing our fathers worked for“

“We worked so hard to get here, we worked hard,” he muttered severally, his voice dropping a pitch with each word.


The adviser spoke on “our world was doomed from the beginning, what’s important is that we save ourselves“


“What are you suggesting?” the priest feigned anger. The world was going to pieces he might as well try to hang on to some dignity.


The priest had abandoned the world a week ago, 2 days after the first red letter arrived. He sent his family and valuables to the little island. He will join them today. Chaos was fast approaching; the world as always will demand the heads of the guilty. He would be safe.


That night, several jets were loaded with ammunition and documents. All that remained in the large office was the red paper with the scrawny handwriting


“We solved the God myth, the masses deserve the truth”


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