Fate is stiff and uncompromising

Fate is stiff and uncompromising. An angel whispered this in my sleep. I couldn’t have loved someone else. This is predestination. I need to make her understand. She needs to understand she’s mine and no one else’s. Her long legs and tender voice, all mine.

It’s hard to make people understand. Sometimes I think they’re all stupid. I’m the exception of course. They keep running away from their paths and dragging around impossible fantasies. They dream of freedom, the antithesis of life. It wears them down eventually. The cause of many suicides. Humans. Fickle creatures. Free choice, democracy are all illusions. The only true freedom is the acceptance of your bondage. To look at your shackles and kiss them is the only true acceptance.

She’s locked in my basement now. Eventually she would come to love me.


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