Reasons Why We Failed at Love

1)      I needed someone else to validate my self-worth.

2)      Love is war. My father died at war.

3)      You laugh too easily, I’m full of despair.

4)      Aunty Hauwa said men are scarce, someone better deserves you.

5)      My hands are too dark; I couldn’t touch you without tainting you.

6)      I am not a joke

7)      I’ve been around a while and I’ve never met a survivor of love.

8)      Hope is a terrible disease, you are a carrier.

9)      My body is stained with the hands of other men.

10)   You were looking for someone to save. I want to be the hero in my own story.

11)   You were sweeter than my solitude, and that’s too great a change.

12)   You wanted to make love with the lights on.

13)   I showed you all my scars and you kissed them.

14)   The hermit in me hates competition. I’m tired of being a consolation prize.

15)   You are a masochist

16)   You’ve loved too many women; its an instinct now, you’ve forgotten how to love.

17)   Loss runs in my blood.

18)   My mother still sees all her past lovers in her sleep.

19)   We tried too hard to prove the world wrong.

20)   I was drunk, he said I loved it. I wish I remember.

21)   I was obsessed with the idea of you. The real you was ugly.

22)   Life never gave me second chances.

23)   She was prettier with the lights on.

24)   My ex-boyfriend said I smelled of dust and mildew, like an abandoned house.

25)   Forgive me; I wanted your happiness.

26)   My grand-aunt didn’t blink the afternoon she set her husband on fire.

27)   The men in my family always leave.

28)   You wanted too much, I was just learning to love.

29)   The memories of you are heavy.

30)   You said you loved me too many times.

31)   You said you could make me happy. I hate liars.

32)   The masochist in me couldn’t stand you. You reeked of happiness.

33)   You were my idol, our love was a sin.

34)   I belong deeply to myself.

Inspired by Warsan Shire’s 34 Excuses For Why We Failed at Love


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