In Year 2010, a secret government experiment was initiated. The creation of an “utopia” was attempted at the heart of Konhill, the forgotten 37th state sealed away from the rest of the country.


The utopia was to create the God-fearing leaders that Nigeria obviously required. The head of state promised this to the Nigerian people at his inauguration. He climbed the podium swollen with pride and announced he was God’s elect. The civil war was the test of a father. He would deliver them. He would raise perfect leaders during his term. He was a man of his words.


The current problem was that the experiment had gone sour; infants brought into the utopia over 20 years ago had evolved. They begun exhibiting traits they were not exposed to. They had begun creating experiments of their own. Two months ago a female subject GFL 16, with fiery hair and a sharp tongue was confirmed pregnant. This came as a surprise as there was nothing domestic in her nature.


The head of the state had visited a scientist years before the coup d’état with wild intentions. He held the notion that men could overcome the small things life. That if all their physical needs were met they would be able to overcome love and greed.


The scientist obviously knew his request was impractical but the military leader was a man to whom you could only answer in the affirmative.

The scientist agreed to the lunatic experiment. He would conduct with a weekly cleanse of the subjects minds; they were to be exposed only to religious texts and would make no contact with the outside world. This could however only buy the scientist time.


A drastic end was inevitable. His findings contradicted the state of nature, survival of the fittest and man’s basic instincts. He would flip over his notes in confusion, double check his records since inception. 20 years of his life had gone into this research.  The end came in form of a graveyard protest; a hundred and sixty one souls took their own lives for their freedom.


The scientist’s conclusion will double as his death note

“Imprisoned bodies do not equal imprisoned souls”


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