Reception Heroes

Hotel receptionists are hardly ever acknowledged. This is a hole in the universe no one cares to fill, we could have a receptionist’s day sometime in between thanksgiving and christmas but no, the world cannot recognize all heroes. It is the way things have always been and will be.

Inem, the receptionist works diligently behind her concrete desk in Cranium Hotel. She begins her day by cross checking registered guest and spends the day accurately entering the names and information provided by new guests on her white desktop. Today begins like any other, the checking out of hungover girls still in yesterday’s clothes and new reservations made by horny young men.

11:30am is filled with lots of guests pulling out their luggages before the 12pm daily count, their determination to use the room completely at last fulfilled. This is when Inem hears the strange chanting. A young lady with unkempt weave and tired eyes has her hands down her pant, eyes closed, itching and chanting. Inem immediately recognizes the problem, it is after all another election season. She takes the girl by the hand and leads her to the inner office
“Where is the man you checked in with?” Inem asks
The lady continues itching, mutters inaudibly then laughs
“Can I get you anything?” Inem tries again the lady smiles “two bottles of beer and fried egg”.
Inem leaves the room, takes out money from her purse and pays for the 2 beers.
The waiter delivered it to the inner room as Inem picked up the telephone and dialed the number of their policemen (it is important for all reliable hotels to privately own policemen). She told them there was a mad girl who had to be taken off the hotel premises, they responded that they would be there soon.

Inem went back to her concrete desk, the situation was not uncommon after all. Her employer wouldn’t take that as an excuse, it was after all the fault of the many young ladies who wanted easy money from old politicians. The politician ended up using dark magic to steal the young girl’s sanity and promote his campaign instead. It was the way things were. Laws didn’t apply to dark magic.

The policemen arrived and hailed a taxi for the lady. She muttered some address, no one cared if she knew the place or not. She simply needed to leave. Inem paid the cab fare and watched the unaware cabman start the engine. There was nowhere to send mad people in their country. That was the way things were.


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