Wife Material

Simi carefully thought about which strong skill she had left out, application was a after all a long stressful process. Application began from refinement, she was raw gold again like her mother always said. She spent hours relearning the basics, proper use of cutlery, gourmet cooking, traditional dishes, how to make mushrooms in beer batter, how to slice afang leaves perfectly. She was convinced her vast knowledge would give her an edge over other applicants, she also attached her certificate from the local cleaning school just in case. Scanning through once more, she added that she had helped her mother raise her 5 siblings extremely well; her younger brother was even admitted into an ivy league.

 She answered all the application questions except one hesitating at first

  • State your view towards alcoholics

She had searched for a suitable answer for days to no avail. It gave her a strange sensation, some sort of déjà vu, how she would eventually become her mother and how her daughter and granddaughter will in turn become her. A generation of women who would love unconditionally. She had to answer anyway

“My father was an alcoholic, I loved him intensely”.


She printed the application with the realization that If she failed in this dream there would be nothing left for her, this has been all she ever wanted to be, all she would ever be. A good wife.


She put the final full stop on her application. This was her last application; she felt it in her gut, the one. Sealing the envelope she planted kisses on the address, she would be chosen and litter kisses on the face of her new husband.


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