A Naive Lovestory

This story isn’t worth any attention, not from this world anyway. Perhaps it might matter in mars or Saturn, some planet that treasures in-betweens and mediocre love in which both partners survive, or maybe someday in the future an omniscient would watch them with mouth agape, confused and thrilled by their simplicity.

Her deep-brown empty eyes was constantly overwhelmed by her weightlessness, her insignificance, casting dark shadows in them; she would spend every second of her life grasping at passing fads, clutching every weave, every book or any man that could assure her concrete feet. She was after all just a clueless girl in a significant world with an insignificant story.

His arms bulked and hardened from countless gym sessions, stretching towards some unknown anchor.  He had the help of three elder brothers more experienced on life’s battlefield, they would teach him to press his feet firmly to the earth. With wild shoulders, toned abs and easy laughter, he came to the world fully equipped. He naturally grew an air of confidence that didn’t even require any intelligence.

The story however begins when they first met, on the noisy corridor with old railings. In their memories, the corridor would always carry significance; the murky skies and the crowds’ noise would become beautiful harmonic chatter.


Weeks later they would hold hands, never really understanding what love means but attempt to grasp it anyway, like they’ve done all their lives.


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