Sticks and Stones

The room at the end of the corridor packed dust as months went by, the walls had turned grey from their once creamy brightness, even the air had grown thick and stuffy. Unlit and shut, the room grew darker to haunt the hearts of the house’s residents. “Haunted” became contagious as a haunted room quickly spread into a haunted house, picking off its residents carefully. Barely a month after the ghost moved in, Dele walked into the boys hostel with a rifle from God knows where and 16 boys were shot in the head and groin. None survived, Dele -now ghost’s brother and soon to be ghost- would join the boys in April. It didn’t take the last sibling two weeks after her brothers arrest to up and leave, with a change of name and hair colour she’s rumored to frequent beds and bars in Wuse.

The last resident Eniola did not see any sense in fighting the inevitable, now childless and jobless she was certain her fate would be insanity.

Eniola walked lightly down the hallow quiet corridor every morning, her feet always failed her, four times this morning. Her pastor suggested she sell the haunted house even though there was no point anymore. He wouldn’t admit that he didn’t know how to help her. Not now, not when her last daughter stood crying at the front door with two large boxes. Expelled for having her nude videos on her laptop.

Eniola thought only in exclamations for weeks, Nude-Video-Daughter! Nude-Prostitute-Daughter-Showing-Her-Body-To-Men!

“You need to bring her everyday for a reawakening of the Holy Spirit” the pastor advised
“She has several evil spirits in her. They include the spirit of lust, promiscuity and whorism. It is a Delilah witch spirit and as Christians we are in a witch killing business” he explained.

Eniola, a disgraced mother, a mother non-the-less didn’t have a choice, a mother must do the best for her daughter, she did as was instructed. Paid for extensive bible lessons and seized her phone, Delilah wouldn’t be able to contact those hungry men.

The night she dreamt of handing her ghost-Delilah possessed-daughter eight large pills, her feet ran right into the haunted room, stopping at the s
spot her daughter was found. Eniola could still recall every detail, her daughter’s eyes closed as if in prayer, cold hands wrapped around her cold eighteen year old body, how haunting silence floated from her lifeless body and settled around the room. She was found two days after her death because her mother wouldn’t indulge Delilah by listening to an explanation.

Tragedy follows in quick secession. Death was followed by shootings from elder brother Dele, probably already insane, he claimed to have avenged his sister, shot 16 men who were not in the video yet he claimed they wee the ones who handed his sister every pill. Eniola would later understand the dead boys were unlucky commenters whose comments were sticks and stones her daughter’s depression swallowed.

Boy 1: Slut, but she can get it
Boy 4: No more bride price (inserts link)

Eniola sat in the haunted room holding her daughter who appeared from thin air. She wouldn’t let her go this time, they would be together forever.


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