My third day at the dreadful university is hard to forget. It was the morning we were woken up by a deep blaring voice on the public address system, the speaker had no sense or respect for time kept chanting salvation songs in a voice that was clearly not meant for singing. I rolled to my side on the thin mattress and almost fell off, -all night my cold feet stuck out the edge of the short bed- clicked my phone screen, 4am, quite frankly I was fed up with these people. Day three and I was ready to board the next flight home, I would even smile through the “We knew he wouldn’t last’s” from my siblings.
The place wasn’t worth an effort I realized on day two, this epiphany came after a morning in hell with a redundant registration process. That obviously wasn’t hell enough as around 3pm we were driven like farm animals into the university chapel to be oriented. The chairs most have been a little comfy, I took one look at the bald man with the microphone and fell asleep.
“No mobile phones” the man screamed into the microphone. I woke up and in a “what the fuck?” moment reached my pockets to feel my phone. There was a list of other ridiculous rules and some funny acronym for them I didn’t bother learning.
“pray often”
“compulsory church services”
“you do not have the option to leave the school premises”
“No intimate relationships”
At the fourth rule I assumed I was at some Kevin Hart show and laughed out loud, (the speaker was obviously trolling). He wasn’t. Long story short, I got into trouble and was prayed for by some pastor who obviously needed his own prayers, he was the one working for big brother and all.
Back to my third day, it was my first class and dressed in a TM Lewin shirt for this occasion, I walked to the Science college with my roommates. Already in small cliques and chattering excitedly, the lecture hall was dizzying with boys and girls dressed impressively. The names of their previous secondary schools were floating in the air and everyone seemed to be speaking their way into who they would become. That was when I first noticed her, only a seat in front of me, she had dark skin, too dark to compare to coffee or chocolate and smelled like earth, familiar soil on a rainy day, the girls on her both sides were engaged in a conversation but she just sat there in the middle awkward with lost eyes. I didn’t even know I was staring till she smiled at me, a glint appeared in lost brown eyes.
That very moment I decided to give my Oceania a chance.


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