Dear Diary

Dear Diary

I’m sorry I’ve neglected you for a while now; I placed you at the bottom of my locker so my nosy side-mate wouldn’t read you. You know her, Ada, the fair girl with dreadlocks who thinks every boy is in love with her. The silence is worth the wait however because a lot has happened in the last two weeks.

Remember I told you that you do not mess with the pupils in SS2 Gold; not the girls with their sharp glossy lips and tight skirts or the boys with hanging trousers and starched shirts. Their seniors do not tell them off for wearing their shirts too tight or skirts too short. It isn’t just a matter of their seniors anymore; there is a rumor going around that the math teacher, Mr. Wale, was assaulted by Otonye’s bodyguard. No one is saying anything about it, but I swear I saw Mr. Wale curtsy when he passed Otonye.

Otonye does get in trouble a lot; (I don’t know why) he’s really very nice. Last week Wednesday, during night prep, Loretta made me kneel by her seat for “being rude”, her many friends kept butting in, even some foolish ones that I’ve barely ever said a word to

“This Lola girl again, she’s so rude”

“The other day she walked out on me”

And all that stupid talk, I knelt for over an hour, after which I was on the verge of tears. Loretta didn’t even glance at me, she left me there to rot until Otonye came in; he grabbed her pen smiled with the left side of his mouth (that was the most pleasant 30 seconds of my day).

“Loretta don’t you think she’s been here long enough”

The foolish Loretta smiled stupidly and said “You can go because of Otonye”

Otonye helped me up and made me promise to respect my seniors, his hands felt very warm. I think this is what love feels like.

It’s already lights out, I promise you details later.

Good night xx


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