Dreaming Housewife

When did you first realize you weren’t going to change the world?

I’m only asking to pinpoint the exact moment I stopped trying. It was probably those rejection letters or maybe the ignored applications, I can’t remember which hurt more.
I admit I had a lot of dreams, the NGO I was going to own, young girls need guidance you know -too many of them are accustomed to patriarchy- women, raised to bear pain and massage men’s egos.

I still dream a lot, there’s time for that when my husband is away at work. There’s enough time to pick out each insignificant event and amplify them to explain how I got here. I didn’t have a choice here, marriage is security. I’ll be 21 in three months, my husband is 31 and many of my friends pity me. They never say it to my face but I see it in their eyes “she will die a dreaming housewife”.


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