This Love Business

“A couple of years in this business and you develop a sixth sense”
It becomes easy, to know these men, to know what they want, exactly how they want it. Within the first 10 minutes I can usually tell if they’re coming back. A lot of men are really the same, fizzy cocktails of suppressed emotions and fragile egos. Be careful with them.
You’ve also got to realize that this job isn’t for just anyone. This isn’t even the safest country for such a business, I know a lot of female prostitutes, the poor unlucky ones and the others who think they make a lot of money. But you would also notice that their prices getting have gotten as easy as their numbers, a couple of thousand nairas going around every corner.
It’s a whole different game to a male escort, for one, we are harder to find. Think artworks, as precious as Monet or Sisley to a collector.
Men are more difficult lovers, so a lot of wit is required to be successful, you must begin piecing his puzzle from the moment he walks in, and even the tiniest gesture gives him away. Through my years of experience, I’ve found these two types of men most interesting.
The first comes in with eyes like stone, feet planted firmly in Italian shoes and a wedding band around his cold fingers. Love him slowly even though he wouldn’t flash a smile, he’s never coming back but he would pay handsomely. He would think of you often with his cold fingers around his wife and smile knowing he had been loved properly for one night.
The second is pleasant, has a smile that reminds you of unwrapped presents and wants to know your real name. Love him carefully, do not let him listen to you breathe or stare in your eyes. He has the strangest requests and three love-struck women back home. Do not give him your address, the world is his playground.

That’s as much advice I’m willing to give today. I sincerely hope that you find that there can be joy and dignity in any profession you choose


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