Pastor: What did you lose?
Woman: A grandfather clock, a bicycle, a truck load of baby clothes, a child.
Pastor: When did you notice this?
Woman: A month ago. Tiny round holes on the living room wall, the shattered clock, the gun on the floor,
holding my breath, counting
5, 4, 3, 2, 1…..
Pastor: You passed out?
Woman: Yes
Pastor: Who fired the gun?
Woman: My husband
Pastor: Why did he shoot the wall?
Woman: because he couldn’t hit his real target
Pastor: Who?
Woman: Himself
Pastor: Where is your child?
Woman: Gone
Pastor: God gives and takes away. Ask what you want of him
Woman: I don’t want his help anymore, I just want answers
Pastor: What are your questions?
Woman: Where He spends his time?
How he can stand watching us?
Pastor: Where is your husband?
Woman: Maybe God can answer that too
Pastor: Your husband left you?
Woman: A large part of him left
Pastor: The sun shines in the morning, it is important to have faith in your time of despair
Woman: Is burning skin the worst kind of punishment? Ask him that
Pastor: Do not question His ways
Woman: I waited 23 years for a child. Hell is when he stopped breathing
Pastor: Be careful what you say. He’s your father, he hasn’t forgotten you
Woman: He should