Her skirt inches above her knees revealed smooth thick thighs, eyes traveling from her wide hips, her thighs, down her legs, back up to the mounds of her breasts, her cleavage visible under her jacket.

What did she want?

There was something about her. This one. Something about the way she walked into my office, balanced on heels, her shy smile, taking a seat across the table.

“Good morning sir”

“Hello my dear, what’s your name?” I replied with a smile


“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman”

I am only a man

She looked 23, maybe younger, she was still sitting speaking, such full lips.

I was staring, she was talking about making deposits now. Marketing some bank.

“We are very committed to meeting our customer’s needs” She says

I wondered if she really meant this.

She stopped abruptly sometimes. Probably unsure she was making an impression

“Is this your first time?” I asked standing up

I took the seat next her “You see Bola, the thing is we already have our businesses in other banks but you’re a beautiful woman with fresh ideas”

I was close enough so the tips of our feet were touching now

“I’m very busy this morning, I’ll be glad to work something out for you later”

Inching closer, I placed my hand on her thigh, she was shaken.

“I have 300 million for a fixed deposit, give me a call” I handed her a card.

Her face was expressionless as she took it and walked out.

A week later, she’s moaning in my hotel room, those hips spread on the sheets.

There’s hardly a greater turn on than a woman who knows how to get ahead.


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