“Are you coming home today?”

“I doubt it, there’s this thing, seminar, work. I can’t. I need more time”

“Wole turned 5 last week, he’s got your thick bushy hair, sometimes I show him your baby pictures, the ones in the old album by your bedside”

Heavy breathing “don’t”

“It’s been 3 years, he doesn’t remember you. Don’t you want to see him?”

“This isn’t easy for me”

“Then come home” A sniff. “I still make you dinner”

“I can’t”

-Because sometimes immigration is a black hole



He loved only himself
He wouldn’t look at me

Hips too large
Thighs too thin

I said too much
I never said enough

He couldn’t stand it
The scent of other men diffused in my skin

I found a river
Where women came to drown

Staring in the depth longingly
Desperate for a lovers indulgence

A sacrifice is an endless affair
I’ve leaned by the river bank for much too long