Bad Omen

Hey Toyosi,

How have you been doing? I hope you hear from your family often? On a lot of mornings when I’m staring out my window I can see a car from your house pass by, it’s probably your little brother being taken to school. Most days I wish you were still here so you could make me breakfast while we discuss how more women should rule the world. I know you’re busy with your exams and I always remember you in my prayers, one day you will be one of Texas’ finest lawyers and then you’d move back so we can be neighbors again.

This morning I remembered a day in boarding school, maybe SS2, when you were lying on my bed complaining that you never got any written letters. That was 6 years ago but somehow you’ve never really changed so I decided to write a letter to explain my job hunt you’re curious about.

Shebi you know it’s been 5 months now since I started looking for a job, I already told you about the several banks I applied to. I have written maybe 6 tests now, and 2 interviews, most of which there is never any feedback. No sorry or Congratulations, just waiting for months until you realize you’ve been forgotten. Anyway I got another invite on Tuesday for an interview on Thursday. You know Trusted Nigerian Insurance shey? The interview was at their regional office in Surulere. I was very disappointed the moment I got there, the office looked in bad shape, files scattered everywhere. It was so unattractive and somehow! Their staff looked funny and unkempt (you know how people say that the way employees look tells a lot about the company they work for). The woman who interviewed me a lot of eczema from the sides of her face, down her neck. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. When I wanted to use their toilet, the receptionist told me to pick the key in a dirty looking bowl so I told her not to worry. Luckily for me, I found a mirror somewhere around there.

For the interview part… she asked plenty of irrelevant questions. When she was through, she told me “Congratulations! Welcome to our company” and that I needed to go to the opposite office for the next stage. When I got there, the lady took my CV and then told me to pay six thousand Naira for insurance and that my training would be for a week. Imagine! I didn’t pay sha. When I refused to pay, she told me to meet their Boss in the next room, entering the next office I was happy it wasn’t another woman. I questioned the man very well, asked him why the company isn’t responsible for its employees Insurance. He said a lot of nonsense I didn’t understand. Then I asked him about the position I was invited for ‘Risk Advisor’. He told me about the target thing and how salaries would be based on commission. I was irritated man… dusted my shoes, never to return there again. My family has been laughing at me here at home : (

I forgot to mention. On my way to the place in the morning, there was a corpse on the road. The head was covered with a carton and the woman’s leg was missing. Very sad. A bad omen.

So you see, I’m still searching for a job and hopefully God has something good to reward me for all my waiting.


                                                                                        Your Best Friend,